Thank you to all of volunteers! This fight is not over.

Our Statement

“Mayor Andrew Ginther has failed the citizens of Columbus, allowing personal political interests to determine city policies and priorities, versus the interests of the people. This has resulted in worsening economic disparity, decreased quality of living, reduced confidence in municipal government, and deterioration of the relationship between civilians and law enforcement.” – The Recall Ginther PAC

What is a Recall? This is the legal way for Columbus Ohio voters to remove an elected official from office mid-term.

Why Recall Mayor Ginther? This is the only way citizens can remind City Hall that we, the voters are in charge & want changes NOW! He has displayed “Gross Incompetence” & has “Breached Public Trust”. We can not allow him to finish his current term & remain in office until 2023.

How can I help?

  1. Volunteer! We need to gather 15,000 valid signatures(30,000 to be safe) from Columbus voters by July 9, 2020. Sign the petition & sign up below to help us have locations all over the city for others to sign!
  2. Donate Below! If you are not a registered Columbus Voter, you can still help by donating $$ for printing costs & other needs of the campaign in order to get him removed. If he does not resign, we will need the ability to market the recall to the general public during the election.

What happens once we turn in the signatures to the petition?

  1. The Board of Elections validates the signatures & sends the petition to the City Attorney for validation.
  2. City attorney notifies the mayor, and he has 5 days to decide to willingly resign.
    -If he Resigns: Shannon G. Hardin immediately takes his place.
    -If he does not Resign: It automatically becomes an issue on the November ballot that we can vote him out of office. Then, Council President Shannon G. Hardin will immediately take his place until the next election, where anyone can run to replace the Mayor.

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